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Blake Careen – Chief Executive Officer

Phone: (709) 364-4333

Blake was exposed to the construction industry at a young age. Blake moved west to Alberta and worked as an oil field firefighter. This work while essential did not fulfil Blakes desire for personal growth. His brother Jamie had been working as a crane operator and told Blake of the opportunities as an operator which peaked Blakes interest. Blake then sought out interprovincial tickets for crane operations in Alberta, Ontario and Newfoundland respectively, technician tickets and the crane operators red seal once available. Blake’s ability and interest in the crane business quickly landed him the position of general manager with one of the largest Crane companies in North America – Morwest. During his time at Morwest, Blake was able to expand his network internationally while also becoming proficient in spotting service needs and undervalued assets. After several years with Morwest and over 15 years’ experience in the crane industry Blake recognized the need in his native province for a reliable tower crane provider and operator. This work led him to better understand the crane business and expand into additional markets outside of Newfoundland. Blake has become increasingly focused on the diversification of what BN Crane has to offer. Whether its specific contractor needs for skilled workers or actual provision of heavy equipment through rental or purchase; Blake’s vision is to have BN Crane become a one-stop-shop for all construction needs.

Jamie Jones – Chief Operating Officer

Phone: (709) 728-7792

Jamie began his pursuit of a career in cranes by completing his journeyman tower crane operators course. Jamie now has more than 20 years experience in crane operations and supervision. He went on to complete his red seal in mobile cranes and worked on some of the largest crane operations projects in Canada. Jamie’s experience includes working for SNC Lavalin, Dradgados and he was an assembly supervisor and operator on the Hebron project. Jamie was also a part of the largest land based crane construction for the West White Rose project that saw the erection of the ALSK 350. Jamie’s hands-on experience in the operation, erection, dismantle and planning of cranes and construction has been a large part of BN Cranes success to-date. Jamie has built a large and diverse network of contractors, equipment renters and skilled workers that BN Crane has access too. Jamie boots on the ground attitude insures that all BN Crane operations has a personal touch that speaks to BN Cranes commitment to excellence for its customers.

Fergus Dunphy – Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (709) 682-5909

Fergus started out his career working in offshore oil and gas. He began by working on offshore construction projects as a deckhand on Offshore supply vessels. In just over 4 years, Fergus had completed his B.B.A. with a focus in Business Law at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) and an M.B.A. with a focus in finance at MUN. After the completion of his M.B.A. Fergus returned to Stryker Energy Services as an Operational Manager. During his time, revenue increased substantially, and operations were expanded. However, Fergus had a plan of completing one more educational endeavor at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Fergus completed the Master of Management in Energy and became a member of the honor society Delta Gama Sigma. The covid outbreak in the U.S. brought him back to Newfoundland where he was recruited to the BN Team to bring in a differing perspective from that of the operational and construction-based experience of the current management team.

Sheldon Boland – Field Operations, Health, Safety & Compliance Officer

Phone: (709) 363-7309

Sheldon has over 14 years’ experience as a mobile and tower crane operator. Sheldon has operated in nearly every construction environment ranging from civil construction to offshore construction of oil & gas installations. Sheldon’s expertise as an operator saw him naturally move to a supervisory and superintendent role. Sheldon has worked for several notable companies including Puglisevic, Pennecon, Barnhardt, and Sleipnir Lift Management. Most recently Sheldon oversaw crane, rigging and maintenance of several work crews in association with the Muskrat Falls project in Newfoundland. Sheldon has been OPITO assessed and approved. Additionally, Sheldon has received his certification as an ISO 9001 internal assessor and has led several training courses throughout his career. Sheldon has been at the forefront of BN Crane’s strive for excellence in all aspects of business especially in health safety and compliance.


Today BN Crane looks for opportunities in everything construction. From the heaviest equipment to the smallest details we have created a network of equipment operators, owners and certified industry professionals that can tackle any major project.

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Telephone: (709) 364-4333