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Tower Crane Rental, sales, installation and certification

BN Crane has a fleet of tower cranes ready to meet all your construction and lifting needs. By partnering with distributors such as Wolffkran we have access to all types of tower cranes and will always recommend the lowest cost and most suitable crane for any job. BN Crane has access to an inventory of cranes & parts for both sale and rental. We are fully certified to install any type of crane for any project. There is no project we will turn down.

Mobile Crane Rental

BN Crane offers mobile crane services, rentals and sales. We have access to a wide variety of mobile cranes including AT Cranes, Carry Deck Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Pick and Carry cranes and any more.

Certified Crane Operators

At the heart of BN Crane is our personnel. For any job with our without our cranes we offer the highest quality most experienced operators to help you succeed with your project. BN Crane’s owners was built by Red Seal Crane Operators and as such take pride in offering some of the best operators in the world.

Our Fleet

As certified Wolffkran dealers we offer the industry-leading standard in new and used tower cranes. See below for additional details.

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Rental and sale of all types of lifting attachments

BN Crane has partnered with Butti, a lifting attachments company based in Italy that provides nothing but the highest quality on-the-hook attachments the industry has to offer. We have a wide inventory of Butti products and are able to provide a customer with exactly what they need for any job.

Rigging Services, supplies, planning and design

We provide a full top-to-bottom approach on rigging from the lift plan to the equipment required to the personnel to make sure your job is done correctly.

Climbing Services

BN Crane is one of the only company’s in Atlantic Canada to offer Crane Climbing services. We are able to help meet any project specifications you may have as your needs change.

Equipment Maintenance

BN Crane offers the ability to fully maintain any crane on any site anywhere. As part of our crane rentals BN Crane includes crane maintenance in our comprehensive service agreement.

Operator, rigger, safety training

We can offer a variety of training if your crew is new to working with cranes.

Site & Lift Planning

At BN Crane we know that proper planning is the key to the success of any project and as such we offer comprehensive, site planning, lift planning and a variety of engineering services to ensure your project is done right the first time.

Transportation and Logistics

Domestic and international freight and logistics services for shipping heavy equipment.


Today BN Crane looks for opportunities in everything construction. From the heaviest equipment to the smallest details we have created a network of equipment operators, owners and certified industry professionals that can tackle any major project.

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